Pool Options

Having a pool that is stylish and safe is simply not enough. It also has to be functional and maintainable. 

There are so many different options in cleaning and filtration, it makes you dizzy. Some work for certain situations and some are expensive options that you may not necessarily need. We welcome you to use our expertise on what will work effectively in your backyard, leaving you more time to enjoy your pool with the family. We are the Self Cleaning Pool Specialists and can design numerous cleaning options to suit your budget.

Cleaning Options

  • Suction cleaners; Pressure cleaners; Robotic cleaners
  • Dedicated cleaning points; Leaf skimming systems; In-floor cleaning systems

Water Options

Salt water; Magnesium water; Ironizer or Fresh water; Ozone Chlorine and acid injection

Filtration Options

Cartridge filters; Sand filters; Diamatious Earth Filtration

Pumping Options

  • Standard pumps; 2 speed pumps
  • Power saving eco pumps
  • High head pumps